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Industrial Boiler
Soot Blower Systems

Providing a wide variety of sootblower systems to large coal fired utility plants, recovery boilers in paper mills, waste heat boilers in refineries and petro-chemical plants, and garbage disposal boilers.

Travel 267 ± 12.7mm
Blowing Head 0.8 ~ 1.5Mpa
Efficient blowing radius ~2m
Traveling moving speed 290mm/min
Rotation speed 2.5r.p.m.
Nozzle number and size
1 x 25.4
Nozzle back rake angle
Medium consumption 30 ~ 90KG/min
Electric motor 0.18KW/3P/50Hz
Weight ~110KG

VS-AH Sootblower Instructure

VS-AH type soot blower is mainly made up of carriage, poppet valve, beam, wall box, inner pipe, lance tube, nozzle, electric control system.

VS-AH Air Heater Cleaners